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Immediate Driving Suspension for a Drunk Driving Arrest (Admin Per Se)

SUSPENDED FOR DUI? WARNING: REQUEST A HEARING WITHIN 10 DAYS: You probably were given a pink notice of suspension and temporary driver's license (Form DS-367) at the time of your arrest or release from jail. The DMV wants to suspend your driver's license for anywhere from 4 months (first offense with blood alcohol over 0.08%) to 3 years (third or more offense with chemical test refusal) as a result of your drunk driving arrest. This is an entirely separate proceeding from the criminal prosecution.

Contrary to what it says on the form, you do not have to show that the suspension is not justified - the DMV has to show that the suspension is justified. The statement that you have to show the suspension not justified is a significant and very misleading statement of the law. The DMV has the burden of proof, not you.

You have only 10 calendar days to request a hearing, or you will be suspended for the appropriate time. If the hearing is not requested within 10 days, you will likely never be permitted to fight it.

IT'S WORTH FIGHTING: Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable attorney increases the odds of winning these hearings or using the hearing to obtain valuable information or testimony for defending your DUI case in court. Depending upon the skills of the lawyer, hearing location and the particular hearing officer that your case is assigned to, is a factor in how much of a difference the attorney can make in the case; but the attorney's edge against the DMV begins with the hearing request, which can sometimes be more complicated than it might seem due to the DMV's frequent failure to follow the law as it is written. Nevertheless, if you need to request a hearing without the help of an experienced DUI attorney, the link below contains a form for you to use to do that. And in the event you are planning on hiring an experienced DUI attorney, you'll want to read the helpful information on the form.

Click here for a DMV 10-Day Hearing Request.

Demand a Hearing Within 30 Days: Your attorney can use this points and authorities form for a motion at the DMV, and a later Superior Court writ, to demand a set aside of an APS suspension for failure to hold a hearing and decide the matter more than 30 days after a DUI arrest.

Stop Unnecessary Delays and Added Expense: This points and authorities form is for your DUI defense attorney to use to contest a continuance of the DMV hearing that the hearing officer grants himself or herself for an invalid reason - usually to bring in a witness that they should have known they needed in before the hearing even started.

DMV Driver's License Suspension and Revocation Guidelines

The links below connect to the California DMV's official disciplinary guidelines for use in driver's license hearings in actions based on grounds related to negligent operator, commercial, certificates, endorsements, physical and mental conditions, fraud and lack of insurance. They are authorized by Title 13, Cal. C. of Regs. §110.04 (13 C.C.R. Û110.04).

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